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meeting note - belatedly

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On Tuesday, I met with Professor Rockwell to discuss my current state of mind about the project and what I needed to get done first.

For January, I have set these goals:
- Flesh out the tutorial guidelines and the submission process
- Figure out the specifics of what I expect from the database - what I want it to be capable of and hold, etc
- Investigate likely coding sources that will suit the project's needs
- Consult with Stefan about PHP, Wiki's, etc

Professor Rockwell's comments were, to paraphrase:

- Have you considered how you will get your site noticed?
- What makes websites like these popular? How do you get people to contribute?
- Are text and image tutorials suitable for the audience and the intended education?
- What about using a Wiki for the database?

I have started a tentative layout for the website, something very simple in Illustrator with the intention of the image being easy to modify as the menu list grows and becomes longer.
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