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Paint · to · Pixel · Progress

Up and Running!

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I completed the splash page for the site and it is now publically available to one and all! :D

What remains to be done is writing some example tutorials and the usual fiddling with pages to get everything looking spiffy. I believe i have properly locked everything that needs to be locked, so now I will be roping in some of my peers and friends to help me beta-test the site. I also plan to promote the site on Deviantart, WetCanvas and whichever other popular art sites I can find on the Internet :)

I am hoping to get an extension of a few days to allow time for people to experiment and play with the site but i will be discussing that with my advisor tommorow because maybe i should let the profs see the site first before I let people have a go at it heh heh.

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The Who - Bargain (live at San Francisco Civic Auditorium, 1971)
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