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Layout Working

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After way too many hours trying to discover which CSS file references what other CSS file to figure out how the heck to change the layout to the format i wanted, the wiki now looks close to what i proposed in my proposal in terms of simplicity and having a cheerful and clean look. The prototype wallpaper is in place so i have an idea how large to make the tables and i discovered for some reason that when i try to change the cellspacing for any of the tables to anything other than 0, that somehow makes the wiki crash IE which is less than good. So i left that alone heh heh.

Next tasks:

- locking down certain pages from being editted so i don't have people accidently editting the pages that have important instructions. This isn't entirely vital since i have edit logs but a cup of prevention saves a barrel of repairs or however the expression goes

- writing the explanation and instruction pages

- beta-testing edit permissions and browsing
good good
DM vs Glezpik - I want it all (glezpik)
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