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from Feb 22 2006:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have now successfully installed PmWiki on my server at sunhawk.ca! It was much easier than eFiction to install due to the fact it did not require me to set up anything in regards to the Apache server or MySQL, though it remains to be seen whether I can actually create any new pages and how they are stored. A lot of the Wiki information on the PmWiki site is fairly foreign to me, but they have a really excellent mailing list that I have joined and the people there are incredibly helpful :)

I just figured out how to install skins (there are a lot of folders within the pmwiki folder on my server that i don't know about) so right now I have a lovely skin called Gemini on the wiki and my next goal is to figure out how to make the wiki look the way I want. It seems the skins can have CSS but there are a lot of premade CSS and PHP files so I have to figure out the right place to put my formatting @_@

DM vs Glezpik - A pain that I'm used to (glezpik)
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